All of our females are handpicked by the owner of Southern Import k9, Rebecca Cummings herself. Not only are the pedigrees thoroughly researched, all of our females need to meet certain requirements in order to be included in our breeding program. First and most important is health. All of our breeding dogs have had their hips x-rayed and evaluated.

      They are also tested thoroughly by a qualified veterinarian for confirmation, temperament and stability. Second  and just as important is personality, All of our dogs must be confident , stable,  friendly and playful. We import most of our female from Europe. Some our females are our own breeding.

    Please click on the name below for a description and more photos of each dog. The pedigree to each female is linked to the individual dog.

frida 2.jpeg


                                        kIAA hAUS OF gRUMIL 

                                            KIMBA STARODJURDJEVACKA